LWC Copper Tubes

LWC Copper Tubes

Level Wound Coil (LWC) Copper Tubes are one of our imported and provided items. All LWC tubes are typically constructed in compliance with ASTM and Coproclima requirements. These specs were developed to fulfill the requirements of the ACR industry. Each millimeter of the tube is Eddy-Current checked, and any surface faults found are clearly highlighted in black.

For hefty coils, we coiled LWC copper tubes in “Eye to Sky” (Jumbo) shape per client request.

To clean the tube, nitrogen purging is employed. Furthermore, the tube ends are protected from dust and internal oxidation during transportation or long-term storage by plastic closures.

LWC Copper Tubes is transported by Jugal Tube Pvt. Ltd utilizing cardboard reels. Shrink-wrapped coils on reels are placed on wooden pallets. Level Wound Coils are widely utilized in the air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat exchanger sectors and are specifically designed for long production runs for industrial applications.

Level Wound Coils are most usually available in soft and light annealed tempers, but hard drawn tempers can also be obtained.

Technical Specification For LWC Copper Tubes:

Specification: O.D: 3/16″ To 3/4″ (4.76 To 19.05 mm)

Coil Weight: 100-400 kg

Application: Used in air conditioners, assembly-type air conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, chests, and so forth.

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