Copper Pipes And Tubes

copper pipes

Jugal Tube makes copper Pipes and Tubes of different forms, sizes, and temperatures in compliance with product specifications. When it comes to quality and performance, our customers demand our products.

A Copper pipe and tube are commonly used in heating systems as well as coolant lines in HVAC systems. In hot and cold water applications, copper pipes are gradually being replaced with PEX tubing. Copper Pipes and Tubes are classified into two types: soft copper and stiff copper.

Dimensional Range of Copper Pipes and Tubes:

–  Outer Diameter – 4.00 mm to 54.00 mm.

–  Wall Thickness – 0.30 mm and above.

–  Available in Length up to 6 meters.

Depending on the specific requirement, it is produced in a variety of tempers (hard, half-hard, quarter hard, and soft annealed). Other standards, in addition to those mentioned above, are available upon request.

End Uses:

Copper low fin tubes for chillers, Copper low fin tubes for evaporators, Copper Tubes For Duct Ac, Copper Tubes for Cold Storage, copper tubes for heat exchangers, copper tubes for hot water, Copper Tubes for Cold Water, Copper tubes for Condensers, copper tubes for sanitation, Plumbing & Sanitation, Medical & Gas Applications, copper tubes for solar,  copper tubes for sugar industries, copper tubes for vrf, copper tubes for vrv, copper tubes for water, copper tubes plumbing, degreased copper tubes mgps, gliding brass tubes, pvc copper tubes for instrumentation, pvc copper tubes for stream tracing Etc.

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