Copper Fittings

We provide a variety of copper fittings that give an inexpensive and effective technique for changing directions in a variety of household and commercial applications such as air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, fluid distribution, air pressure lines, and plumbing, to name a few. Our fittings have no rough surfaces, have a tidy look, heat up faster, and provide the installer more flexibility in installing and joining the copper tube at the proper spot. We provide copper fittings in conventional diameters ranging from 6.00 mm to 42.00 mm. The dimensions are specified in terms of internal diameter (I.D).

The following are the most commonly used copper fittings manufactured by Tube-Tech
1. Elbows – These are used to alter the direction of the pipe and have a tiny radius in order to fit into the smallest feasible space. The most widely used elbows are the 90- and 45-radius elbows. There are also additional kinds available to fulfill special demands.
2. U Bends -Used to handle the return flow of the coolant and to create a 180-degree rotation in a considerably smaller space. For condensers and evaporators, we manufacture both expanded and conventional U-bends.
3. Couplings – These are used to join two tubes of the same size. A reducing coupling is a type of coupling used to join two pipes of various sizes.
4. Tee – A tee fitting is fashioned like a “T,” with the top representing the continuous pipe run and the vertical part representing a branch linked to it. This fitting type has the greatest variants of any other kind.
A . If one end of the piece has a smaller diameter than the other, it might be a decreasing tee. This implies that, unlike a regular tee, the decreasing tee’s sections are not evenly proportioned.
B. It is known as a cross tee when used to join four tubes, and a threaded tee when the vertical piece includes female threads. End Applications: Copper Fittings for hvacr, copper fittings for medical gas pipeline systems,
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