Copper Coils

copper coils

Jugal Tube, a firm recognised for its product excellence and dependability, offers a comprehensive selection of high quality, soft annealed, single or double layer, plain, and plastic coated copper coils to its clients for a number of applications. Our Smooth Bore Copper Tubes have an outer diameter tolerance of +0.0/-0.08mm (0.003′′) and are annealed at approximately 600 °C for a hardness range of 45–60 HV5. Superior Dimensional Control ensures a dependable performance while saving money. The tube ends are capped at both ends to preserve the cleanliness standard.

Jugal Tube produces high-quality plastic-coated copper coils that are color-coded for identification and built to withstand harsh situations. Leading Manufacturer of copper coils for VRF or copper coils for VRV and copper coils for Refrigeration and copper coils for split ac, oil and gas lines, and general engineering applications.

Dimensional Range of copper coils:

1. Outer Diameter – 3.15 mm to 28.00 mm 2. Wall Thickness – 0.45 Mm And greater. 3. Available In Lengths ranging from 5 Meters And 30 Meters. 4. To Meet the needs of the customer, single or double-layer options are available.

Other Features For Copper Coil:

– Outside and inside surfaces are bright, clean, and dry.

– Closed ends are delivered to ensure high internal cleanliness.

– PVC coating in blue, black, or yellow with a thickness of 0.50mm or 1.00mm is available.

– Straightening or bending can be done by hand with standard benders.

End Applications:

Refrigeration and air conditioning, oil and gas lines, and general engineering applications are all examples of applications.

Phosphorus deoxidized copper (DLP) standard ASTM B –75 BS 2871 JIS H 3300 DIN 1787
symbol C 12000 C106 C 1201 SW-CU
Phosphorus deoxidized copper (DHP) standard ASTM B-68 BS 2871 JIS H 3300 DIN 1785
symbol C -12200 C 106 C 1220 SF-CU
Tough Pitch Copper (ETP) standard ASTM B-188 BS 2871 JIS H 3300 DIN 1787
symbol C 11000 C 101 C 1100 ECU 58


Cupro Met: It is our in-house Indian brand.

Met Tube: We are a Met Tube authorised dealer (Malaysia)

If there is a special requirement, we can also offer Totaline and Godrej.

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